Life is Good

Oh wow. I’ve been renewing this domain name every year (dah la MYR rendah berbanding USD nowadays), but i only manage to post 1 entry every 2 years. Ha Ha.  Yalah, not because I have nothing interesting to tell everyday, its actually A LOT to share tapi sometimes I prefer to stay low profile, cheh!

Hello 2015

Hello Blog! I’ve just realized that my last post in AndySaedah.Com was about 614 days ago. That’s almost 2 years! AMAZING. Maybe now i should blog more so that I can have a look on what i have experienced later thru’ what i’ve written in this blog since day 1. Sebenarnya, aku selalu janji this

Happy Gawai. Goodbye Holiday.

It’s 1st June. Selamat Hari Gawai to family and friends. Not be able to celebrate with you guys in Kuching this year. Hopefully next year, yo! I’ll be leaving Ranau this evening. I love this “kampung” feeling. Anyways, hometown is still the best.. See you in December. Goodbye Sabah. Goodbye Holiday. Adios.

At Ranau

Just arrived at Ranau, Sabah. Another experience. My first time driving from Keningau to Ranau.. which only took me only 2 hours and half. Tomorrow is my brother in-law wedding ceremony here in Ranau so, i’m here coz i’m on duty. 🙂 So far so good. Adios.

Holiday : From Kuching to Keningau

Just arrived in Kota Kinabalu after my 3 days holiday hometown Kuching. My son Aaron will be staying there with my mom for a month. Hopefully my wife and I can survive. Oh! I miss my son so much now. Now in a bus heading to Keningau, my wife’s kampung. Hey! This is my first