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My Bluetooth Game Controller

That day jalan-jalan area SS2 PJ during lunch time singgah masuk kedai accesories gadget coz rasa tertarik to see the shop from the outside. Teringin mau masuk dalam. Lotsa accessories: mobile stuffs especially. Ingatkan mau look around saja. Jangan haraplah. I end-up beli Bluetooth Game Controller. After work, sampai rumah apa tunggu lagi. Testing dulu. At first

My Talentime

Last few days, I bought this Talentime ORIGINAL DVD from Speedy. I didn’t have the chance to watch it in the cinema last time eventhough I’m a big fan of Yasmin Ahmad‘s films & ads (since Sepet).  As a reward to myself and to show my support to Yasmin, I bought this DVD. Oh, I

The Real Photoshop

Hey, now the Photoshop workspace goes real. Look! The real-life version Compare with this Adobe Photoshop workspace here.. The software version .. ‘almost’ the same. Heh. Cool. [Via] [tags]adobe photoshop, workspace, cool stuff[/tags]