About Me


Hi, I’m Andy. In the cyberworld, i like to name myself ‘m@rco’. Please don’t ask me why, for there’s no specific reason for choosing that call-sign. This is where I’ll be continued blogging about my life, my daily routine, my thoughts with modified contents and customized structures through online.sodapdf.com about business and the low interest loans for poor credit and also about all those technologies around me. What else? I work for food. I work for fun. I work for FUNDS as well. I love Kuching (my lovely hometown) and I miss the Kolo Mee, the 3-Layer Teh-C and the Laksa. Yummy! Those words are not enough.

Oh ya frens, you can even view my old blog HERE.

I have to update this blog regularly, I know. I’ll try my best. Hopefully I can do it, ben.