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No typing error. Yes, it’s PayPai! I got an email from a ‘new’ online payment processing company, asking me to update and restore my account due to unusual activity done by their team.

Paypal copy email template

The hyperlink given will direct me to:

It’s just another phishing site.

Have you heard of PayPai? Huh?!


Moral of the story :
Do not click any link given in your email, especially when they ask you to update your online banking info, paypal or any other confidential details. Not to click at all! I have received few similar emails from Maybank2u and RHB. So beware!

Extra reading : What is Phishing?

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2 Comments to “Restore Your PayPai Account Now!”

  • I guess the domain owner’s name is Pai… and when you click on the link, you “Pay Pai” money. Eh?

    [Me : Haha. Kesian, leh.]

  • That is normal. Usually I found that kind of email in my gmail spam box. Ha3. Google rules…

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