Today i’d like to show off a bit, what I got for my birthday this year. Yea yea.. my 28th birthday.

1. Limited Edition recipe from Ila. (hey! she can cook!)

2.Kek Batik Ustazah also made by Ila. Very Nice.Yum yum.

3. A birthday card & Adidas’ Special Edition fragrance from a friend of mine, Tuti.


4. A cute Birthday card from Ila’s youngest sister, Ugou.

5. A last minute sketch from my lovely cousin! Did this when she suddenly realize that it was my birthday, a day after. And for your info, she has a blog!

I like it, manju!! So original.

6. Birthday wishes from all of my friends via SMS, MMS, Facebook and Friendster. Not forgetting my church member and the whole team in X4JC.


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4 thoughts on “Showing Off”
  1. uishh..great blog btw!meriah la…hahah

    [Me : Thanks for stopping by.. bungai terung. Hehe. macam ku familiar.]

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