Perodua Viva!

Officially Launched! It’s Perodua‘s. La Viva… Viva. Shall i call it another MyVi.. the Junior. It looks really is for this Kancil/Kelisa Replacement Model. Perodua offered five colour options : Glittering Silver, Passion Red, Tropical Green and Pearl Jade, all metallics, with Ivory White the only solid colour. And also with a 3-year warranty. Oh

Gmail, I’m Lovin It.

I got a lot of email accounts (yea, more than 5 emails for me is a lot) and all of them serve different purposes. Besides using Thunderbird as my primary email client, now I know how I can fully utilize my Gmail account to send email to anyone using different ids. Means I can set

Bravo Captain Kleene!

I posted 10 saving tips last saturday, but seems like i might “accidentally” reduce my saving portion for this month. All because if i continue the habit of .. ..sending clothes to the laundry. Yea. I asked Captain Kleene to wash them for me. Captain Kleene? Don’t play-play wo! See? 10.8kg per per week. Equals

Simple Saving Habit

An article from Malaysian Investor website, by Ringgit Man. Good tips on how to start your saving habit. Eventhough you earned RM10K per month doesn’t mean that you don’t need to grow your saving.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #1: Quit smoking โ€œI have stopped smoking since the announcement of the new cigarette price. I have managed to save

Maxis Broadband Application: Rejected

Sad news. Maxis called me saying that my application got rejected. They said no coverage in my area. Hello, I’m staying in Bandaraya Shah Alam okay. Not in the cave. OH.. This is Technology. Jaring Broadband – No Coverage Maxis 3G Broadband – No Coverage If there’s no other choice, then i need to apply

Four Months and Still Counting

Itโ€™s been four months working here. I still remember the day I got this job. The HR was unable to get me coz that time I was on my holiday in Jakarta for 8 days. I canโ€™t receive any call due to my prepaid insufficient fund to accept roaming calls. I can only receive SMS.

What Say You, MU?

90 minutes. Final score 3 – Nil. 5 – 3 Aggregate. Awesome. AC Milan will meet Liverpool in final. My prediction was true. [tags]champions league, manchester united, liverpool, ac milan[/tags]