Perodua Viva!

Officially Launched! It’s Perodua‘s. La Viva… Viva. Shall i call it another MyVi.. the Junior. It looks really is for this Kancil/Kelisa Replacement Model. Perodua offered five colour options : Glittering Silver, Passion Red, Tropical Green and Pearl Jade, all… Continue Reading


The Celebrities in Me

Yay! I can imitate 50 Cent’s face. Hey, and Ronaldo’s too! Fuyoo! This is fun. I kinda like this. And yours? [tags]celebrities, fun, 50 cent, ronaldo, andy saedah[/tags]


What Say You, MU?

90 minutes. Final score 3 – Nil. 5 – 3 Aggregate. Awesome. AC Milan will meet Liverpool in final. My prediction was true. [tags]champions league, manchester united, liverpool, ac milan[/tags]