Came across this clip via youtube. Watch it!

The baby so serious one when he saw the brother’s mouth bleeding. Even the daddy also can’t tahan laughing. Haha! Funny.[tags]baby blood, youtube, funny[/tags]

3 thoughts on “Oh.. this is funny”
  1. The expression on the kids face when he said blood was very funny! Was laughing like crazy here lol!

    [Me : Yalar.. the expression.. Funny. Haha.]

  2. hahaha…lawaklah cip. baru ku nangga tok. Thanks to Emma sbb nya madah pasal tok.hehehe..:)

    [Me : Yalah. Bagus jugak emma untuk mem”promo” blog aku tok. Kelak aku belanjanya satu cucuk sate. Heheh! Bloodd… Bloooddd! Not funny! ]

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