Two weeks ago, my phone kena curi in less than 5 minutes. That night (about 9pm) masa mau bayar my teh tarik at the mamak, I put my phone atas balang gula-gula in front of the counter while i taking out my wallet. Lepas bayar somehow aku terus blah, masuk kereta, start engine and gerak. Half way dalam few metres baru teringat hp so i parked nearby and went back to the counter. HAMPA. Semua pekerja termasuk cashier tidak perasan ada handphone kat sana. Hmmm. I tried to call my number using my mum’s hp but no joy. Sudah kena OFF. Standard-lah.


Yea, I noticed masa lepas aku bayar on the way to parking, aku sedar la sikit ada salah satu customer sedang mau prepare ke kaunter untuk bayar. Not sure if dia nampak or keep the phone. Tak baik menuduh, Andy. Tak baik.


Apa aku buat next? Sampai jak kat rumah :

  • I called DiGi Support @ 016 2211800 to BLOCK my number. Just in case pencuri guna my number buat PRANK ka, CRIME ka. Ini penting.
  • Since my phone is a Mi phone, I ultilized the Mi Cloud function. It’s like ala-ala iCloud for Apple lah. Log on to

After log in to Mi Cloud,  click on the “Find Device” menu. Just make sure you’ve already enabled that function in your Mi phone like i did. Remember to also use sodapdf for documenting online.

Enable the LOST MODE function

Once you enable this function, walaupun that fella re-format the phone, it will still prompt the Mi Account login before you can access the phone. Macamana aku tahu? This was my 4th Mi phone and aku pernah hard reset my phone tanpa logout my Mi Account terlebih dahulu. Lepas boot up, it prompt the login before I can enter my phone. Jika tidak login, maka phone itu tiada gunanya. Kau format lah sebanyak mana kau mau. Sorry to say.

With this lost mode feature, LET SAY pencuri tukar sim card (sebelum reset phone), i will be notified of it’s latest location via SMS. Until today, the phone is still offline. Baguslah. At least I know that the phone is useless now.

  • The next morning, I went to DiGi to make a SIM CARD replacement. I renewed my package and get a RM138 iPhone 6. Model lama pun tak apa, and this is my first iPhone. Kenapa iPhone 6? Hey, bukan sebab it’s an “iPhone” semata-mata. Sebab ada DiGi promo RM138 to get the phone. Murah bah. Siapa mau belanja lebih-lebih awal bulan? Tapi kalau ada Mi6 for RM138 that time, why not? And yes, under contract but this year is my 19th year with DiGi. Same number. Aku kan setia? LOL.

Moral of the story : Jangan careless. Make sure you know what to do if this thing happen.

My advise, if you own an Android phone ada bagusnya you guys install something to track or protect your phone data macam Find My Device (unless you own a Mi Phone) . Memanglah peluang untuk get back your stolen phone tipis tapi at least your data are protected and pencuri can’t even use or sell your phone at all!

Keep your contacts in Gmail instead of your local phone storage. Kalau-pun you changed your phone, you can still have the contacts with you by login to your Google account. Macam simple document / photos, simpan lah dalam Google Drive. Simple notes, use Google Keep. Macam tarikh-tarikh penting, appointments, you can ultilize Google Calendar. Memang berguna. Cross-platform.

Of course ada PRO & CONS bila guna teknologi canggih. You should know apa data yang sensitif and apa yang tidak. Kalau rasa ragu-ragu, keep apa yang perlu for future access or for emergency. Data security itu KRITIKAL. Aku sokong.

That’s all for now. Too many things happened at a time, so that is why aku jarang blogging. Some post masih dalam draft, tak tahu should i publish or not. Sudah macam obsolete.

Anyway, stay awesome and see you again in my next post. Thanks for reading.

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