After about 2 weeks of waiting, finally the Ubuntu CD (Gutsy Gibbon 7.10) I requested from their website arrived today! This is the second time i requested Linux CD from Ubuntu. The previous one was Ubuntu 5.04, 2 years ago.

Parcel From Ubuntu

Actually, i have installed the Gutsy Gibbon in my machine using the CD i burned from the iso image i downloaded from their official website early this year. 😀 . Aha, now i’m using Ubuntu as the secondary OS, dual boot with my Windows XP.

Why Linux you may ask? It’s for fun, plus I want to experience the power of Linux. Ho Ho! More serious now. I choose Ubuntu as my favourite distro to fulfill the purpose.


Oh ya. I was given 4 Ubuntu stickers together with the CD. Don’t wait. Request yours now.

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One thought on “My Gutsy Gibbon Has Arrived”
  1. tulun burn kan Kubuntu utk aku.. sebab aku nak test KDE pulak… nanti aku belanja ko makan nasi lemak tambah 2 kali.. sama teh tarik 2 gelas SAHAJA… di HAKIM.. ada boleh tulun tak?

    [Me : No prob, bro!]

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