Oh wow. I’ve been renewing this domain name andysaedah.com every year (dah la MYR rendah berbanding USD nowadays), but i only manage to post 1 entry every 2 years. Ha Ha.  Yalah, not because I have nothing interesting to tell everyday, its actually A LOT to share tapi sometimes I prefer to stay low profile, cheh! 🙂

Ada jugak orang kata, why perlu blogging? Instagram & Facebook kan ada? Hey, it’s different. Blogging feeling lain sikit. Kena rajin taip macam personal diary. Instagram & Facebook just for me to post benda-benda ringkas saja, itupun bukan selalu. Ha, hidup ini bukan semua untuk di-share. Tapi ada jugak share whatever they want in social media. It depends. You choose. Saya no problem. But sebenarnya, I prefer to tweet if mahu sesi luah perasaan. Ya, meh? Macam betul.

Kerja memang tidak pandai abis. Learning process juga tidak pernah ada penghujung sampai kita berhenti bernafas. Apapun, I hope that I can spend more time writing sambil minum coffee panas, reading and do what I love the most. Ada masa I feel that life is not about being rich, famous, being perfect (nobody is perfect) or being super-hebat. It’s about being able to share ourselves & touch the lives of others.

So readers, stay awesome. Till we meet again in my next post (i have faith that i will write more often after this, LOL). Post pendek pun okay, bah.  Janji ada.

Thanks for reading.

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