The most precious gift this year. Yes. Yes. Yes.


So, say Hi! to this healthy little boy Aaron Alessander. He was born on the 7th May 2012 @ 1313hrs in Pusat Perubatan University Malaya, KL. He’s 1 month today! Yeay!

My wife’s ovarian cyst (diameter : 16cm x 11cm) was successfully removed on the same day – 7th May 2012, once after her delivery. Although the cyst ruptured during the process, thank God everything’s fine. The doctor(s) managed to save her right ovary. #Thankful.

God’s protection has always been with us. It’s just a matter of understanding that He loves us and He wants us to be safe. Now I’m a proud husband and daddy.

Not to forget. To family and friends out there, thank you for your prayers and support. Be blessed!

7 thoughts on “It’s Been a Month. I’m a Daddy.”
  1. salam singgah, tuan punye blog nie org melayu ke omputeh yer? nampak cam orang melayu.. hehe, nie first time dtang sini.. congratz utk baby baru tue.. huhuhu

  2. […] sebulan, my mum in Kuching for a short holiday. Sejak itu, I send Aaron to Daycare after school. ┬áBy right I need to fetch him by 6pm but I minta extend until 6.30pm. […]

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