Yes. I like IE 6 (read : Internet Explorer 6). I know Firefox is the BEST BROWSER EVER, but my work requires both browser to display the output.

And now, can somebody tell me how to downgrade my IE 7 to IE 6? Please?

I hate my work when I view it with IE 7. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “I Like IE 6 Better”
  1. Am having same problem with i.e 7. And still looking for solution too.

    [Me: Ya lorr.. dun forget to tell me if you got the gud news.]

  2. Oh, and after reformatting, reinstall Windows XP. Then IE6 will be back.

    [Me: I hope someone can give me better solution.. without reformatting.]

  3. is it not possible to do a windows restore?

    [Me : Oh, i haven’t tried that solution. If not, then need to reformat.]

  4. start
    control panel
    add/remove programs
    highlight ‘internet explorer’ – remove

    and 7 goes away and 6 is returned

    easy – good luck my friend..

    p/s: i adready add you to my blogroll

    [Me : You’re right bro. It works!]

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