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Tips To Minimize Fuel Usage

Fuel price hike soon. Be prepared, eh? But anyway, here are 31 tips that can help you (read : driver, rider) to reduce your fuel usage. Image Source : Plan your route to avoid unnecessary trips. Stagger your journey to avoid peak-hour rush. Getting stuck in traffic can increase the amount of fuel consumed. Try

The Parkia Speciosa..

or better known as “Petai” is very popular in southern Thailand, Indonesia and we Malaysian should know one. I have a friend who loves to eat petai with the sambal. To be frank, i don’t like petai coz i don’t like the smell. No thank you. Really terrible I tell you. But I do like

Ping Services

I guess most of WordPress users know that, Ping-O-Matic is their default Update Service.. Your WP Dashboard > Options > Writing > Update Services .. and actually you can add more place to ping besides Ping-O-Matic. Check the updated list and read more in here and here. But remember, Ping with caution. In other word,

How to downgrade IE7 to IE6

Finally I got a method on how to get back my IE6. It is quite simple actually, Without formatting your machine. All you need to do is go to your control panel: Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs Select Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 . Then click Remove. Restart your pc and you can

I Like IE 6 Better

Yes. I like IE 6 (read : Internet Explorer 6). I know Firefox is the BEST BROWSER EVER, but my work requires both browser to display the output. And now, can somebody tell me how to downgrade my IE 7 to IE 6? Please? I hate my work when I view it with IE 7.

Gmail, I’m Lovin It.

I got a lot of email accounts (yea, more than 5 emails for me is a lot) and all of them serve different purposes. Besides using Thunderbird as my primary email client, now I know how I can fully utilize my Gmail account to send email to anyone using different ids. Means I can set

Simple Saving Habit

An article from Malaysian Investor website, by Ringgit Man. Good tips on how to start your saving habit. Eventhough you earned RM10K per month doesn’t mean that you don’t need to grow your saving.. 😉 #1: Quit smoking “I have stopped smoking since the announcement of the new cigarette price. I have managed to save

Double Click Drives Problem

I remember few weeks ago I got problem with my Windows. I was not being able to open my C and D drives using the normal double click method. I need to right click on the drive and either click ‘Explore’ or ‘Open’. I need to right click and open. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong