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My New Gadget GW-US54GD

See what i bought from All IT Hypermarket at Low Yat Plaza last few weeks. Yeah.. a Wireless LAN USB Adapter with Wi-Fi Detector. My new gadget for this year. A first, i thought wanna buy a basic WLAN USB Adapter but when i saw this PCI brand and its “extra” function (Wi-Fi Detector), I

Ping Services

I guess most of WordPress users know that, Ping-O-Matic is their default Update Service.. Your WP Dashboard > Options > Writing > Update Services .. and actually you can add more place to ping besides Ping-O-Matic. Check the updated list and read more in here and here. But remember, Ping with caution. In other word,

How to downgrade IE7 to IE6

Finally I got a method on how to get back my IE6. It is quite simple actually, Without formatting your machine. All you need to do is go to your control panel: Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs Select Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 . Then click Remove. Restart your pc and you can

I Like IE 6 Better

Yes. I like IE 6 (read : Internet Explorer 6). I know Firefox is the BEST BROWSER EVER, but my work requires both browser to display the output. And now, can somebody tell me how to downgrade my IE 7 to IE 6? Please? I hate my work when I view it with IE 7.

Google is Buying Feedburner for US$100 Million?

The rumours is over. So what now? The deal is already confirmed. Via TechCrunch Rumors about Google acquiring RSS management company Feedburner from last week, started by ex-TechCrunch UK editor Sam Sethi, are accurate and are now confirmed according to a source close to the deal. Feedburner is in the closing stages of being acquired

Google’s Playground

Yea, Google is always experimenting with new features aimed at improving the search experience. We can have a look on their latest ideas here. Or maybe you just visit their playground and see what’s next? [tags]google, experimental, ideas, google experimental labs[/tags]

My E398 and Motorola

My handphone got problem when it goes for charging. I need to roll the charger cable around my phone, twist it here and there before it can be perfectly charged.  Now the phone is getting worst and depends on the ‘mood’. Last night I took about 5 minutes to hold the charger pin and gently