Category: Life Log

Sleepy Me

Just came back from Alamanda for colleagues’ farewell lunch. There were 27 of us.. 1 department. I had my Nasi Goreng Bandung + Sambal + Chicken + Egg on top. Nice. I took a picture of it but I forgot to bring the camera cable so no pic to post in here. Burrrp.. Kenyang. Tired.

Pending Job + Movie

Gonna rush with few designs for my church upcoming event, happening in July 29th here in Shah Alam. What event? I’ll tell you more about this as soon as I done with those flyer and poster. I need to complete at least 2 more designs before I show them to the event committee this week.

Broadband Dilemma

I need internet access in my house. I need broadband. I’m interested in Jaring Wireless Broadband since I terminated my streamyx account (after more than 2 years service) due to some failures of my telephone line 6 months ago. I’m not going for streamyx again, of course. Since then, I’ve been online everywhere: in my

My New Home

My new home, . At first, I planned to transfer all my posts from my previous blogspot to wordpress. I did it actually but later deleted them coz I think it’s better to make this blog something “Brand New”. Transferring your entries from to wordpress is not that hard using this powerful plugin

A Lil’ Bit. Just a Lil’ Bit

Just feel wanna write something in my lifelog journal aka “The Living Earendur”. Updates? Nothing much. My new year started with a New Job. New Workplace. New Friends. New Environment. Not much different except for the Salary, of course. Haha! Just kidding. Hey, lots of differences! I’m still in the office while writing this post.