Jokes : My Network

Me: Okay…go to My Network. Colleague: Okay..where’s your network? Me: No, not my network. The MY NETWORK folder. Colleague: My network? Me: Yeah, double click. Colleague: My network? Where got? Me: Not your network! Go to the desktop, see at… Continue Reading


Oh.. this is funny

Came across this clip via youtube. Watch it! The baby so serious one when he saw the brother’s mouth bleeding. Even the daddy also can’t tahan laughing. Haha! Funny.[tags]baby blood, youtube, funny[/tags]


I am 60% Optimus Prime

I AM 60% OPTIMUS PRIMETake the Transformers Quiz I’m 60% Optimus Prime? I thought that the questions are something to do with the robots. But not at all. Try yourself. It’s fun! [tags]transformers, optimus prime, autobots, quiz, decepticons, robots[/tags]


The Celebrities in Me

Yay! I can imitate 50 Cent’s face. Hey, and Ronaldo’s too! Fuyoo! This is fun. I kinda like this. And yours? [tags]celebrities, fun, 50 cent, ronaldo, andy saedah[/tags]