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My blog was back online on 22 April 2009 after my previous server hosting failure. The last backup I made was in January 2009. Although i still can copy & paste my previous entries after my last backup using google cache but due to my laziness limited time, i failed to do so. Now the google spider already crawled to my site on the 4th May 2009. No more cache pages for me to copy & paste for February, March and April posts! (Moral of the story : Perform backup regularly.)

Ah, no big deal, lah!

Hey, another good news.  Bendawos.Com is back again.  Version 2.0, New and Fresh. This time more serious, since he’s no longer running out of time.. 😀

Oh, since this good friend of mine already “started” his 2.0 version, i can feel the aura of reading blogging again!

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