As usual, after a long long holiday.. the Federal Highway (PLUS) got jam. And also from Puchong road to Cyberjaya. . Gosh. So terrible wor driving in the traffic jam. If not because of the rain, sure i bawak my scooter already. Wat to do.

Traffic Jam

Somemore i woke up late today due to the cold and rainy weather. Heh. However, thank God i reached my office on time. If not, sure I’ll be receiving my first warning email one of these days. Peeww…!

One thought on “After Holiday”
  1. yelah.. i got same condition. I wake up late yesterday about 6.57am. From S alam to Dsamansara Intan it took me 1 hour plus. I reached about 8.45am. my boss sounded me then.,huh

    [Me : Haha! Uhuhu.. got sounded.]

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