Yeah. 2009 has been a wonderful year for me. Let’s see what’s the “9 Major Events” I’ve been through last year.

1. In January 2009, I started play around with my D60 which I bought on 31st December 2008. It’s something I’ve been dreaming of since 2007.

My D60

2. I Went to Sabah (Sandakan, KK & Keningau) for a friend’s wedding, in May 2009.  I was his official photographer. Heh. You can consider this as my first personal project with my DSLR.

The Wedding

3. Somewhere in Jun 2009, my mum and I together with my auntie and cousins went to Langkawi for a “mini holiday”. The trip was fun and tiring, I must say. It’s worth-it anyway.. 😛


4. My precious TravelMate died. 🙁

5. My new Aspire shouted.. “HELLO WORLD!” in July 2009.

6. I  was officially converted from a Web Content Developer into a System Admin in my company. I cannot use the word “promoted” because it’s not. I love this new responsibility, anyway. This happened also somewhere in July 2009.

At Work

7. On the 8th August 2009, I had a major eye operation for retinal detachment. I was shocked! Serious stuff, dude. No joke.

8. My eyes being injected with gas every month due to my weak retina. It’s pain, okay! Headache. Furthermore,  I need to go for medical follow-up for at least 3 times a month, till now. I’m broke.

Light in the Procedure Room

9. I was not allowed to travel by flight last December for that might increase pressure to my right eye. Bye-bye to my RM369 worth of Air Asia ticket I bought earlier. I was in Shah Alam for last year’s Christmas and it was FUN! Thank God.

AirAsia Ticket

That’s all I guess for major ones. So here it goes 2010. I’m so thankful for every breath I take. I believe this new year going to be something awesome in my personal life, my career and my ministry. I just want to believe. My life is in His hands.

Happy New Year All!

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