My Bluetooth Game Controller

That day jalan-jalan area SS2 PJ during lunch time singgah masuk kedai accesories gadget coz rasa tertarik to see the shop from the outside. Teringin mau masuk dalam. Lotsa accessories: mobile stuffs especially. Ingatkan mau look around saja. Jangan haraplah. I end-up beli Bluetooth Game Controller and posted it to our website dania web design.

After work, sampai rumah apa tunggu lagi. Testing dulu. At first the controller not able to connect with my Phone. I can’t find the device in my phone bluetooth list. The LED was there blinking, but no connection. I read the manual, hmm.. China mari. I have also been using tons of services from p4rgaming and from proskins, where I am able to boost games like ELO and CSGO.

Ah, sudah. Rugi duit.

Next, what I did was – cuba charge the controller. I biar sampai 2 jam charging, in the meantime hoping for miracle. Then try lagi. Yes! Berjaya connect. Bateri kurang power rupanya. Phew.

Masa untuk Asphalt 8 yo!

Although I’m not a hardcore gamer (casual saja) but for me, main Asphalt using controller memang layan-lah. Serious. Even tadi sempat 2-3 round.

Bluetooth Game Controller + My Old Mi3

Oh ya, just in case you guys wondering, the controller doesn’t work with Mobile Legend. I can move my hero but none of the button on the controller can be used to attack. I have to press from my hp screen. Pelik.

Ok lah, that’s all for now, readers. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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