Month: October 2010

Lensa Andy Saedah

Hi! I’ve started another blog where i can compile the work of my hand, photography. I’ll try my best to post a photo a day to this photoblog.. so now, i’d like to present.. ! ! Enjoy!


Yeahh!! My housemate, Henry downloaded the Legend of the Fist movie torrent. (Yes, I’m watching it NOW) But too bad, the subtitle is in chinese. Heh. The fighting : SUPERB, beb. Memang POWER! Fuh, I think Donnie Yen is going to be the next Jet Li and Jackie Chan. I like. [Tags]donnie yen, legend of the

Eye Laser & Me

To be frank, I really hate this eye treatment since day 1 after my right eye operation due to retinal detachment. Oh, can I have that quick recovery power just like Wolverine in X-Men? I wish. The first operation was last year, August 2009. And now its already October 2010 and I’m still under treatment. Yeah,

Life Version 3.0 Installed!

Haha. It’s my 30th birthday and I just can’t believe this! Time flies, anyway. 🙂 Thanks for all the wishes, friends. Yeah! My Life version 3.0 was successfully installed.. Cheers! [Tags]birthday, andy saedah, life log [/tags]

Hi Blog!

Haha, it’s been a while. Too much things to remember, too much stuff to learn.. Woot! I am now in a new working environment. Yeah! True. No worries, I’m still rocking and in the midst of exploring something new. Oh, I’m on healthy diet too. Haha. Wish me all the best. :p