Month: December 2009

Everyday is a brand new day

It’s already 29th December 2009. Few more days to go before new year and I’ll be at home this whole week. I’ll be back to work on the 5th Jan! Woooot. Gud life. Actually there are few task to be done during my holiday, mostly something to do with freelance work. So at least I

Merry Christmas!

Yeah! It’s Christmas Day! This year, i’m not be able to celebrate this Blessed Christmas in Kuching due to my eye condition. The doctor in THONEH doesn’t allow me to travel by plane for that might increase the pressure to my eye. So, here I am in Shah Alam with my second family in Grace!

PC Fair & Stuff

Again, not much updates in this blog except for my auto tweet posts. 😛 I’m still in the midsts of balancing my daily routine. Heh, it’s been complicated from time to time. Let’s talk about that later (or never). Oh yeah. I was in PC Fair KLCC last night (last minute) and actually just for