Month: June 2009


The “Notebook Surgeon” did not manage to save my Travelmate. Something wrong with the motherboard but it’s too obsolete for a replacement. Better not. Ah, I knew that earlier before i went to Low Yat that day to pick up the notebook. It was correctly predicted by Bendawos as well. So long.. Goodbye my 5

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson

My PC was on the whole night (as usual) and when I woke up this morning at about 6.20am to switch it off, i saw one of my friend’s Facebook status on the screen.. “…hhhmmm, Michael Jackson dies of possible cardiac arrest…“. Aik? I google for the news.. YES. I’m not dreaming. He’s dead. R.I.P

My TravelMate..

.. is dead. Erm, I suspect something to do with the internal hardware coz it hangs during bios startup. I was not be able to figure out the problem, so i went to Low Yat Plaza yesterday afternoon to look for someone who can help me with this. Then later I met Mr Raj, a

Part 3 : Trip to Sabah

I even went to Tanjung Aru to watch the sunset while I was in KK. This time, i fully ultilized the DSLR to do some photography exercise. Most of the time the DSLR auto mode doesn’t produce good shots, so I started playing around with the manual setting which is quite interesting, really. Tanjung Aru

Part 2 : Trip to Sabah

After 2 days in Sandakan, we straight away went to Keningau – ila’s Kampung Tohan Baru. The journey took about 2.5 hours drive, from Kota Kinabalu International Airport to the kampung. The taxi fare cost RM30 per head, and there were 3 of us. Oh yeah, I spent my 3 days in Keningau doing almost