SMS of the YEAR

This morning i received 5 missed call from an unknown number. I was on my scooter to work that time, so i could not answer the call.

30 minutes after i reached office. Beeeepp! (sms tone) and I got this from the same number..

I ignored for a while before i replied..

Not long after that another sms coming in, with extra “Spicy” flavour.

Bangang.. Stupid and whatsoever.. (i’m not going to translate, no mood..)

I was sooo madddd.. so i decided to dial the number..

a little kid answered the call.. “Hello”

Me   : Hello.. panggil mak
Kid  : Hello siapa ni? Ayah?
Me   : Panggil mak cepat..
Kid  : Siapa ni?
Me   : Adik, panggil mak.
Kid  : Ni siapa?
Me  : Panggil Mak! (with extra high voltage)
Kid  : (called her mum.. “ibu! ada orang nak cakap”)

Then a lady pick up the phone..

Lady : Hello!
Me    : Hello akak, kenapa sms macam tu.. saya dah cakap salah nombor, kan?
Lady : Ini bukan 014 ke?
Me    : Bukan… nombor saya 016
Lady : Yeke?
Me    : Iye… 016.. Nombor saya 016
Lady  : Nanti kejap saya check..

Hang up.

Few minutes later i called that lady again..

She rejected my call for few times. Huh. Then I SMS..

No reply.

But about half an hour later…

My goodness.. This is too MUCH! You must be kidding me. I said WRONG NUMBERRRRRR!

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