Building a Website for Mafia Gang

I chatted with a friend of mine via MSN two days ago. At first i don’t wanna blog about it but now.. I think i should!

Here are part of the conversation (taken from my MSN history folder).. Unedited version.

Friend : you part time doing website ?
Me : yaa
Me : 😀
Me : why
Friend : actually i have friends want to do…
Me : oo
Me : do website?
Friend : yup …
Friend : website
Friend : but they want a gambling website..
Me : waa
Friend : not legal one lar …
Friend : r u interested??
Me : haha
Friend : my friend is consider like mafia geng
Friend : if u r not interested …nvm it’s ok …
Me : gambling site, i dun do worr
Me 🙂
Friend : then it’s ok …
Friend : just forget about our conversation ….
Me : sorry bro!
Friend : woke.. np

Let me highlight this statement once again.. “….my friend is consider like mafia geng

Gila larr.. In case those “Mafia” kena tangkap one day..

Police : Tell me! Who develop the website for you?!
Mafia : His name is Andy. You can go to his blog at

Huh… So scary worrrr…. I’m not going to the jail, of course..!

Huh. Better not.

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