Month: January 2008

My Gutsy Gibbon Has Arrived

After about 2 weeks of waiting, finally the Ubuntu CD (Gutsy Gibbon 7.10) I requested from their website arrived today! This is the second time i requested Linux CD from Ubuntu. The previous one was Ubuntu 5.04, 2 years ago. Actually, i have installed the Gutsy Gibbon in my machine using the CD i burned

My New Gadget GW-US54GD

See what i bought from All IT Hypermarket at Low Yat Plaza last few weeks. Yeah.. a Wireless LAN USB Adapter with Wi-Fi Detector. My new gadget for this year. A first, i thought wanna buy a basic WLAN USB Adapter but when i saw this PCI brand and its “extra” function (Wi-Fi Detector), I

BlogDesk Test Drive

Yeah, now i’m writing this post using BlogDesk. It is a simple and powerful weblog client where i can save offline posts here in my machine and upload them whenever i want, select which categories to put, upload photos directly to server and almost everything a WYSIWYG editor does. But what i concern most is

If I have a choice..

… I will sleep during my office hours today. I said “IF”. Too bad, I have no choice. Lots of work to do. Not that I’m too lazy. Only that I’m tooo tired these few days. Lord, give me strength. Tomorrow is a public holiday (Awal Muharram).. but I have to go to work. [tags]sleepy,