Month: November 2007

Tips To Minimize Fuel Usage

Fuel price hike soon. Be prepared, eh? But anyway, here are 31 tips that can help you (read : driver, rider) to reduce your fuel usage. Image Source : Plan your route to avoid unnecessary trips. Stagger your journey to avoid peak-hour rush. Getting stuck in traffic can increase the amount of fuel consumed. Try


Have you received this type of forwarded message in your friendster? Sad but true. I receive it EVERYDAY, even TODAY. Friendster system is getting too crowded!! We need you to forward this to at least 30 people. I know this seems like a large number, but we need to find out who is really using

Exabytes Prize Received!

In my previous post, I did mention about the Exabytes’ email saying that I’ve won the contest. No joke. It’s stated in their blog. Yeah. After I received their phone call (to confirm my mailing address), in 4 days I got a parcel from Pos Malaysia. Let’s see: Yeehaa! My 27th Birthday Present. Come closer

Jokes : My Network

Me: Okay…go to My Network. Colleague: Okay..where’s your network? Me: No, not my network. The MY NETWORK folder. Colleague: My network? Me: Yeah, double click. Colleague: My network? Where got? Me: Not your network! Go to the desktop, see at the top… Colleague: Hello? Me: Yeah? Colleague: Ei, call you back, no network la. Me: