Bravo Captain Kleene!

I posted 10 saving tips last saturday, but seems like i might “accidentally” reduce my saving portion for this month. All because if i continue the habit of ..

Laundry Receipt

..sending clothes to the laundry.

Yea. I asked Captain Kleene to wash them for me. Captain Kleene? Don’t play-play wo!

See? 10.8kg per per week. Equals to RM 16. Let say i send them every week, means ~ more or less RM 64 a month. Then, a year I will spend RM768! Better i buy a new washing machine for myself.

I live in a 5-storey flat/apartment. Very limited place to hang clothes, especially when I leave them for a week before I wash them one go. I did that sometimes.. if i’m too busy with my side activities that particular week.

Laundry Pack

My 10kg stuffs after being washed by my best buddy, Captain Kleene. Well packed. Gud Job!

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