My Fans, Kuching and Food

My mum called me few days ago, asking me whether I’m coming back for Gawai or not this year. She said ‘my fans’ in Kuching keep on bugging her “aunty, when is abang andy coming back?” They miss me so much. So now I need to decide when should I take my leave: after or before Gawai. I might probably go to Miri on the 1st of June for my friends’ wedding. What I think is, maybe I’ll go back to Kuching after the wedding. That’s my plan. See how it goes.

Hmm.. I miss Kuching. A place like no other.:)

My Fans

These are my fans. The loyal disciples when I’m back. My cousins are cute aren’t they? Heh, I play wrestling with them, especially with this little Kiko (his real name is Nicholas).

WWE Wrestling
See? Siapa kena buli now. Bad influence WWE.

Most of my good friends are not working in Kuching. They scattered everywhere:- Miri, Bintulu, Brunei, KL, Victoria etc. Thank God my best buddy Charles Fulton is very devoted to his hometown. He is the best companion when we go lepak-lepak and makan-makan in our favourite place to eat, Siang Siang Corner 3rd Mile.

My Buddy - Charles Fulton

We ordered 1 bowl of Kolo Mee, 1 bowl of Laksa and 3 glasses of Teh-C-Panas, talking about our past years that full with laughter. These are the only thing you can do in Kuching if you are not a clubbing-type-of-person like us – Makan, Lepak and Watch Movie.

I love the food. Besides Kolo Mee and Teh-Peng, I have 1 more favourite food and drink..

Kuching Salad Chicken Rice & 3 Layer Tea

Kuching Salad Chicken Rice + 3-Layer Tea. Fu-yoh. Finger Lickin’ Good!

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