Double Click Drives Problem

I remember few weeks ago I got problem with my Windows. I was not being able to open my C and D drives using the normal double click method. I need to right click on the drive and either click ‘Explore’ or ‘Open’.

Unable to Double Click
I need to right click and open.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with my double click function because this thing only happens when I click on the drive, not the folders or other directories. I tried to scan with Avast, AVG and Norton Antivirus, nothing found.

After searching for the solution in few forums, I finally knew that there’s something to do with autorun.inf file. If you found this file in your drive partition, just delete them manually. In this case, I use portable antivirus to do the job. Don’t worry; portable antivirus is a standalone antivirus which detects unnecessary files in your pc. Yet, it’s a freeware!

Scan all your partition using portable antivirus:

Portable Antivirus Screenshot

If there are autorun.inf files found, they will be automatically deleted (You can set it manually).

You are done.

If you are using USB storage media (thumb drive, external hardrive etc), you need to disinfect the drive. Most probably the double click problem will occur again if you plug in the storage media in your machine. I suggest you to use Flash Disinfector (you can find the software here). It’s also a standalone application. All you have to do: Plug in the USB storage media and run Flash Disinfector. You are done.

Now, reboot your PC. Tadaaaa…Your problem solved.

Note: This is my personal method and it works! Only for windows user. All the best!

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