Broadband Dilemma

I need internet access in my house. I need broadband.

I’m interested in Jaring Wireless Broadband since I terminated my streamyx account (after more than 2 years service) due to some failures of my telephone line 6 months ago. I’m not going for streamyx again, of course. Since then, I’ve been online everywhere: in my office, cyber cafes, starbucks and sometimes using unsecured wireless connection where available 🙂

Nowadays, I got alot of things to do online after work. That is why I need broadband in my house so that I can download animes lie down on my bed while doing my work, looking for tutorials online and updating my blog.

I went to Anjung last Saturday to apply for their wireless broadband after I saw my area is in the coverage area; somewhere in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. When I reach Anjung, the Jaring girl said that Seksyen 7 is not in their coverage. I was confused: either the Jaring girl doesn’t know how to explain to me or what. Oh my. I was sooooo disappointed.

I got one more solution. Go for Maxis broadband. I’m totally not sure how good and how bad it is. The good thing is, they will give me 1 month trial period where I can return the wireless modem back to Maxis if I’m not satisfied with the service. Hmm. Not bad. High Speed 3G Network. Why not?

High Speed 3G Broadband

I subscribed Maxis Broadband in the PC Fair KLCC last Sunday. Now still waiting for them to call me for the installation, probably within these 10 days.

Does anyone here using Maxis broadband? Let me know your level of satisfaction. Please.
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