Month: April 2007

My E398 and Motorola

My handphone got problem when it goes for charging. I need to roll the charger cable around my phone, twist it here and there before it can be perfectly charged.  Now the phone is getting worst and depends on the ‘mood’. Last night I took about 5 minutes to hold the charger pin and gently

What’s in My Post Box?

I found a long white envelope in my post box. A letter for me! Yey! To be frank, I seldom receive letter from anybody other than the CIMB bank and Public Bank (my bank statement.. heheh) A surprise for me eh? Guest what’s inside. A sticker from ITTutor.Net! ITTutor.Net is one of the Malaysian community

My Fans, Kuching and Food

My mum called me few days ago, asking me whether I’m coming back for Gawai or not this year. She said ‘my fans’ in Kuching keep on bugging her “aunty, when is abang andy coming back?” They miss me so much. So now I need to decide when should I take my leave: after or

Sleepy Me

Just came back from Alamanda for colleagues’ farewell lunch. There were 27 of us.. 1 department. I had my Nasi Goreng Bandung + Sambal + Chicken + Egg on top. Nice. I took a picture of it but I forgot to bring the camera cable so no pic to post in here. Burrrp.. Kenyang. Tired.

Pending Job + Movie

Gonna rush with few designs for my church upcoming event, happening in July 29th here in Shah Alam. What event? I’ll tell you more about this as soon as I done with those flyer and poster. I need to complete at least 2 more designs before I show them to the event committee this week.

Double Click Drives Problem

I remember few weeks ago I got problem with my Windows. I was not being able to open my C and D drives using the normal double click method. I need to right click on the drive and either click ‘Explore’ or ‘Open’. I need to right click and open. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong

Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 Released

Mozilla has released the latest version of their award-winning email client Thunderbird 2.0. What’s new? Message Tags: Create your own tags for organizing email. Messages can be assigned any number of tags. Tags can be combined with saved searches and mail views to make it easier to organize email. Visual Theme: Thunderbird 2’s theme and