Ubuntu Tee

I got this pos ekspress a day before Hari Raya, about 2 weeks ago. It was from ZULMALC ! A t-shirt?  Yes, it’s a Ubuntu T-Shirt which i ordered from melayubuntu. His blog is one of my favourites after Tombuntu, where I learned a lot about this distro, tips & tricks before I started to

My Workstation : Part 1

Hey guys! Here i’d like to present my new secondary workstation at home. Hoho.  Tadaaaaaaaa! Oh yeah.. the new table I bought from Giant – for RM29.90. Hmmmm.. Cute & Cun. Now i feel more comfortable doing work, watching movies, surfing and blogging. Better than last time.. (those McD stuff are for illustration purpose only) What do ya

100% at Work

Yeah. That’s really true. I always give my 100% at work. TGIF! And for today.. i’d like to dedicate the balance of 5%.. Good idea eh, LiewCF? 😛 [tags]tgif, 100%, work, day job, friday[/tags]

My Toy – The Centurions

My holiday in Kuching early last month was great. I attended a best friend’s wedding, I met few good friends: Charles, Vanessa, Quincy, Eyong and Jasmon, and also had a good time playing PS2 with my ex WWE partner : Mr. Kiko (his real name is Nicholas Issac). This is Kiko, a big fan of

The Updates

Heh. My first post for the month of August. So sad. No social life this month, no movies, no KFC & no McD sessions. But i’m thankful for every breathe i take. Week 1 : Went back to Kuching for my best friend’s wedding and also for a family gathering. Bought a new machine for